Vered Seger ורד זגר
+420 739 393 441
סיור פנורמי בפראג- PRAGUE PANORAMA TOUR
אתר מורשת עולמית אונסק"ו- UNESCO SITES
קרלובי וארי- Karlovy vary
טרזין ולידיצה- Terezín and lidice
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Welcome to the VERED TOURS PRAGUE website!

Prague is a city with a uniquely preserved historical centre - part of the UNESCO World Heritage List - and is one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

     Vered - Vendy


Vered Seger - Vendula Slowiková Segerová - professional Tour Guide in Prague and in the Czech Republic. Tours are in English, Hebrew and Czech language. "I would be very happy to be your guide in Prague and the Czech Republic. I will help you to discover the city and make the most of your stay!"

Private tours guided by Vered Seger are always "tailor made". First time in Prague or do you just want to understand what did you see before so many times? Do you want to understand more Czech culture, humor, Beer culture? Do you want to walk back in the Prague history, Middle Ages, Communism? Are you interested in Architecture - Gothic, Baroque, Art Nouveau, Cubism? Do you want to see representative Prague Castle, romantic Lesser Town, present-day quarters? Do you want to know more about the Prague Jewish history, Old - New Synagogue, Old Jewish Cemetery, do you want to hear the Golem legend? Do you like City Parks, Islands, Canals? Do you want to go also out of Prague and see Karlovy Vary - the famous spa city, Český Krumlov - the pearl of the South? Any medieval Castle? Natural Park? And many more?

Are you looking for enthusiastic, educated, professional and local guide born in Prague? You are in the right place.